Monday, October 28, 2013

Beach Bumb

This week we had the Missoula Children's Theater come to Mattawa and the play that we are doing is "Blackbeard The Pirate" and I got cast as a beach bumb
In my part I have to sing only a couple songs and we have different positions like Scooby doo position and dig 1 and dig 2 also me and Sarah get to walk around the whole stage pretending like we are pirates. For any one who wants to come see the show it is in the Wahluke high school auditorium on Friday at 7:30or on Saturday at 3:00  

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A new blogger and a wedding

I (Ashley) have taken over the blog because I know my mom wont ever get to it and every time I look at this blog it says a "finally a new post" which was 3 years ago
Emily Darcy and I had lots of fun in aunt Annett's play room 
 all the women making cupcakes for the reception

 the boys got tired of  sitting in the reception so we let them out in the hall which they were very happy about
 my uncle Dawn got in an accident with his horse and broke his pelvis ):he came to congratulate the happy couple but just got mobbed by kids instead 
after the reception was over I found this ribbon and put it on Ezra because it wouldn't fit on Darcy or Matthews head which was kind of ironic because Ezra has the biggest head of all of them 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finally, an update! Happy Halloween

Cruella DeVille. Isn't she cute!
It was fun to put this costume together. We were very last minute planners. So thanks to Haley we got it done. Haley was priceless when it came to the crazy long black nails, and the false eyelashes.

In the subway on the way the Glenn Beck Rally. Part of the adventure.
Some anti-Beck people had this 'great' sign up on our way to the rally. I thought it was funny. I am sure Glenn loved this picture of him.

Tim was out photographing the crowd. It was a great day.

Here are my beautiful girls at the WWII Memorial.
Some of us weren't up for the Holocaust Museum. I thought it was a bit intense for Ashley so I sent her with Lindsey. So here she is in the Museum of Natural History.

8-28-10. Four Hot Girls, but it was wonderful to be in such a huge crowd of Patriots.

This was taken the night before the rally. Right behind us is the stage. We weren't anywhere close the next day. I wish I would have spent the night on the grass right behind me. I could have done it and then we could have gotten close, but it was great anyway.

Here we are outside the Holocaust Museum. I just want to point out the sculpture behind us is a broken swastica. This was the third time I got to go thru the Holocuast Museum, but everytime it has been with tired people or young kids so I know I could go back and still see much that I missed there. It is amazing, troubling, and worth doing.
Ashley and Emily by the Washington part of the WWII memorial.

Here is a picture with the Beautiful Temple behind us. Oh, so beautiful.

Another picture of us outside the Washington D.C. Temple. I was so excited to get to see this temple. We didn't have much time so we just had time for a walk around it and a quick visit to the visitor's center. It was so beautiful. I hope we can go there again sometime when we can go through the temple, but the chances are rather slim since Lindsey and Drew are moving to Tri-cities (Hooray, Hooray!) so we won't be as likely to go back east without them there.

I can't really explain this picture. Basically it speaks for itself. It all happened one day after church when he was still in his suit. I think most everyone likes a good picture now and then outside the portable toilets, right? I just couldn't resist posting it here for the world (Or some little part of it) to see.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sweet little Baby Darcy Elle

Here is this cutey, Darcy Elle, peeking out at the world. Not even 24 hours old. She is so precious! I am having the time of my life! I love this Grandma stuff! I am so thankful that Lindsey and Drew invited me to come be with them so I could meet this sweet baby. It reminds me so much of when I had my own new babies, but it has its pluses :) I am not sore, or tired. It is so nice to get to share it with my own daughter. Lindsey has had quite a few friends come by and visit. Even some Dad's! It has been fun to meet them. They are all so nice, and seem so genuinely interested in meeting and holding Darcy! It is cute. Lots of handwashing going on. (very consious of germs) What fun! What fun!

This was a picture during her 1st bath, the famous 'sponge' bath. She like to open her right eye long before she opens her left one, she is very funny. I've been calling her a little 'one-eyed pirate' when she does this.
Here she is all bundled up. Lindsey has started playing dress-up with her so here she is with her hat and the big purple flower on it. Nothing like baby girl clothes for a good time. How happy we are to welcome her to our family. I am glad I get to stay a while because I already don't know how in the world I am going to leave her.